Believe and you will leave anguish at the door

to receive more than expected

like a child whose mother disrespected

the ones surrounded by loves desire

and not be like all who transpire.

We plague our minds with rips and tears

fallen off eyes filled with sullen grief

like a child who sits on cement

whose mother laid herself

upon bones of buried steps

to never be more alike than rest.


Mourning Always Comes

Dreams were her only escape

while she sits like a solid block of ice

on the coffee colored recliner

watching the lick of flames form.


Her mind was elsewhere

where she remembered a time

when she was running

towards her greatest adventure, yet.


So young they were once

tiny fingers laced into each other

shooting off into the woods

weaving through blankets of evergreen.


Their laughter filled the air

like hollow wooden wind chimes

two sisters of opposite tones

blended perfect between sap covered stumps.


As they plodded over branches and fallen logs

their smiles were infectious to one another

never did they want to stop

until, they reached the steady stream of water.


Their feet stumbled over slime covered gravel

as they climbed down below the fall

unable to contain themselves

they caught the cascade with their heads.


But, as most good things come to an end

mourning appeared to soon

while, she begged herself not to wake

the quiet calm took over

as somber silence followed.


Always, always more silence.








He searched over sand encrusted hills
where the sun never slept
pacing each sip, he trekked
through shrubs and emerald leaves
his journey set the tune
as cicadas sung his darkened song
under murk and dirt filled water
his feet left the land
above glistened foam
through pristine seas
he swam with defeat
along the blackened tar road
he walked under the stars
up to the curved porch
through two wooden posts
into an a-framed house
filled to the brim
with familiar family and friends
but never to find
the one he’d been searching for.

Stars Unchanged

We burned like gases in the sky that sit quietly in the dark,
we chased time only to find it never changed,
but we changed with it.
Like the last feathered lash blinked undone,
we were lost, unable to find ourselves
or each other.
We begged for a shot of light to race across our skies,
a chance to wish for a second chance,
but fate had a steady plan,
unmovable by time or change,
instead it offered us a new light,
a starry show that promised a new and pure life,
unfaultered and never in need of forgiveness.
In a flash,
we were gone forever.